About Specialized Chimney Services

We are standing behind our success

01. Affordable

Being a small company, we do not have the overhead costs faced by larger organization which allow us to quote jobs at a much better price.

02. Professional

Our certification and years of experience are the basis upon which we build our guarantee towards your satisfaction

03. Loyal

Being loyal to our patron is our moto. Honest quotes, well detailed and explained. We take the time to explain what we do. No surprises.

Proven Success

Standing strong behind Specialized Chimney Services

Specialized chimney services is an Orléans chimney/masonry company. Chimney maintenance and repair services is our bread and butter. This is our area of specialization. This is why we are good at it: Because we focus on that. We repair and build chimneys, brick, cement sills metal caps etc. We do chimney cleaning and inspections. FREE estimates in the Ottawa area.

Chris Charron is behind the success of Specialized Chimney Services. He has been a mason/chimney technician since 2006 and has been operating his company since 2015. Previous experience includes more than 9 years of hard work with Capital Chimney Sweep with whom he built a strong referral program. This is what sets him apart from the competition.


What We Do Best



Chimney Restoration, Rebuild & Removal

Chimney Restoration, Rebuild & Removal

Rebuilding a chimney requires knowledge and know how that not everyone has. When it comes to building something solid and reliable that meets government regulation, you need to partner with the best in class: Specialized Chimney Services.

Chimney Chase Covers and Chimney Caps - Installation and Replacement

Chimney Chase Caps and Chimney Caps - Installation and Replacement

Not only will a chimney chase cap drastically improve the look of your chimney and, consequently, contribute to the overall look of your home, but it will add safety to your home by preventing rain, ice, leaves or any other debris from falling into your chimney.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning

When using your fireplace, the chimney allows by-products of a fire to exit your home. What are those by-products? They are smoke, unburned wood particles, gases, hydrocarbon, water vapor, to name a few. As they exit your fireplace through the chimney flue, the cooler air will create condensation which results in creosote, a tar-like substance, that sticks to the wall of your chimney.

Masonry work, Parging and Repointing

Masonry work, Parging and Repointing

We provide masonry, parging and repointing services in Ottawa. You can count on Specialized Chimney Services’ professionals to repair your bricks and mortar before it gets too deteriorated.

Chimney Gas Liners Removal and Installation

Chimney Gas Liners Removal and Installation

Did you know that gas liners have a life expectancy of 15 years on average? Gas liners should be inspected regularly and be replaced when damaged.

Wood Burning Inserts

Wood Burning Inserts

A wood burning inserts is a box of steel and cast-iron which create a closed combustion system. There are several advantages in upgrading your current fireplace with a wood burning inserts