Chimney Chase Caps and Chimney/Rain Caps

Drastically improve the look of your home !

Chimney Chase Caps and Chimney Rain Caps – Installation and Replacement

Not only will a chimney chase cap drastically improve the look of your chimney and, consequently, contribute to the overall look of your home, but it will add safety to your home by preventing rain, ice, leaves or any other debris from falling into your chimney. The worst of all is water because it can infiltrate very easily into your attic and cause costly damage to your walls and ceiling. It also protects the chimney from bricks deteriorating.

And something nobody wants for sure is to get small animals like squirrels or birds falling into the chimney and landing in their fireplace. Quite a nightmare to get them out of there. Chimney chase cover comes in different shapes and material and, of course, at different prices. They can be made of aluminum, galvanized steel or copper. Each have their pros and cons. The best approach is to give us a call to discuss your need.

Getting your chimney cleaned once a year by a mason/chimney technician is a good way to get some insight on the state of your chimney. Chimney chase covers wear and tear overtime and you may not realize that a replacement is due unless damage occurs to your home. Safety and reliability should be a top priority for everyone.

If the chase cover is installed at the same time we clean your chimney, you will save some money. As Specialized Chimney Services is operated by certified mason/chimney technicians, you can rest assured that we will do a state-of-the-art installation.

Lock Top Chimney services in Ottawa

Lock-top damper – Before

Lock Top chimney eliminates

Lock-top damper – Open

Lock Top

Lock-top damper – Closed