Wood Burning Insert

For a better combustion

Upgrade your fireplace with a wood burning insert

A wood burning inserts is a box of steel and cast-iron which create a closed combustion system. There are several advantages in upgrading your current fireplace with a wood burning inserts

Being health and environmentally friendly

A traditional fireplace will release smoke (a bad combination of gasses and particles) into your home which  can harm your respiratory system. Because of their design, wood burning inserts create a closed combustion system which allows for a much better consumption of the firewood and consequently,  leaves very little harmful by-products behind.

In addition, as you might have read in our chimney cleaning section, burning wood creates creosote which is highly flammable. As mentioned in that section, using high calorific wood will help reduce the formation of creosote. Because a wood burning insert leaves very little behind, the formation of creosote is reduced.

Energy efficient and cost effective

Studies show that only 20% of the heat produced in a traditional fireplace is being used. The rest goes out the chimney. On cold days, your fireplace exhaust more heat than it produces. Very low efficiency. A wood burning inserts will raise it up to 60-80% resulting in cost savings. You will definitely run much longer with the same quantity of wood that you would be using in a traditional fireplace. In this regard, it will help you cut your heating bill and get you some savings

Call Specialized Chimney Service and see how your current fireplace can be upgraded to a closed combustion system with a wood burning insert.

Wood burning inserts
Wood burning inserts
Wood burning inserts