Safety First

For peace of mind

Follow the Ontario Building code

Fireplace is synonymous of pleasure, relaxation, good time with friends and family and more. One thing we all have in common when thinking about chimney repair and installation is our concerns for safety. We all care about our family, pets, home and so on. And we all want to sleep well at night…

As described on our chimney restoration and repair page, there are several key factors to take into consideration when restoring a chimney. Specialized Chimney Services knows the rules and regulations stated in the Ontario building code around safe fireplace installation.

Your safety and our workers safety is important to us. We take pride in making sure our people are working in a safe environment. Only then can they really concentrate and focus on YOUR safety.

We have partnered with Capital Chimney for WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) inspection which may sometimes be required by real estate stakeholders or insurance companies. Chimney installation cannot be done by oneself without giving up on the quality and the safety of the chimney. As a fully insured service provider, safety is important to us. Specialized Chimney Services is professionally equipped with scaffolding and a pulley system that allows us to safely perform the work.

Animal control

Another aspect not to neglect is the presence of animals on your property. Proper installation of chimney covers will prevent squirrels, birds, racoons and any other small animals in getting into your home through the chimney. Just in case your kids read this: Only Santa will still be able to get down your chimney once a year. It can be quite an adventure to find an animal in your fireplace. And it can be costly. There are companies around Ottawa offering this service.

But here is a quick tip: Close all windows and blinds of your home and open the back and front door. This will create light and a draft that will guide the animal. Getting out of your home is what he wants more than you do. Open the fireplace door. Its instinct will guide him out of your home through one of the 2 open doors. If the animal gets stuck in the chimney. That’s another ball game. You will need help to get him out of there and it can be costly.A cheaper solution is to get a rain cap installed. That will save you a lot of trouble.

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