Chimney Gas Liners Removal and Installation

Regular inspection can save you a lot of hassles

What is a chimney gas liner?

Chimney gas liners are made of thin aluminum and are located inside the chimney. Their purpose is to evacuate by-products of gas combustion generated by any gas burning appliances such as a furnace or hot water tank. It is extremely important that these harmful by-products (or fume) be exhausted outside your home. A damaged gas liner can leak in the chimney, create a draft issue and push the harmful fume back into your home. And this can be very dangerous.

In addition, your furnace or hot water tank can be red tagged by the gas company if your gas liner is not up to par. And what does a red tag mean in Ontario? It means that your appliance is not working as per regulations and that the problem MUST be fixed. In some instances, authorities can even shut off your gas supply entirely.

Most new furnaces are vented outside nowadays leaving lots of unused chimney liners which should be removed and the hole closed and sealed off to avoid draft and heat loss. It also prevents birds (or other small animals) from nesting in your roof. While most masonry companies will do bricks and mortar, rare are the ones repairing chimney liners. It is important to get the service fulfilled by a mason/chimney technician such as Specialized Chimney Service who knows about the regulations.

We are is fully qualified and trained to remove gas liner for furnaces & water tank. We are regularly contracted out by large gas companies because they don’t have qualified resources at hand.

Did you know that gas liners have a life expectancy of 15 years on average?

Gas liners should be inspected regularly and be replaced when damaged.

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