Masonry, Parging and Repointing

Your trusted masonry service provider in the Ottawa region.

Masonry, Parging and Repointing

We provide masonry, parging and repointing services in Ottawa. You can count on Specialized Chimney Services’ professionals to repair your bricks and mortar before it gets too deteriorated. All those living in the Canadian National Capital Region know and feel the climate. The Ottawa region weather can be very humid all year round and very cold or very hot in winter and summer respectively.

Overtime, these extreme weather conditions will have an impact on a masonry structure. Doing preventive maintenance and touch ups on a regular basis will help keep your house in top shape.

Masonry maintenance includes regular visual inspection as well as parging and repointing as needed. Visual inspections are important to identify issues early in the decay process. Waiting too long before parging and repointing your walls may lead to a complete rebuild.


Parging is the art of applying a specialized mortar to “waterproof” your home foundation and prevents its deterioration.

The importance of choosing the right mortar specialist to do the job cannot be overstated. Parging is a combination of cement, water and lime which has to be mixed in the right proportion. Failure to do so may (and will likely) lead to a premature deterioration.

Neglecting to repair a damaged foundation by stopping water from coming into your house that could lead to more serious problems.


Repointing is the process of repairing deteriorated joints that gets the bricks to stick together. Overtime, like in the case of parging, the weather and temperature variation will impact masonry work. Small cracks, that are barely visible at first, will appear and let a small amount of water penetrate between the bricks which will further damage the structure.

Addressing this issue at an early stage will save you a lot of money in the long run. It is much cheaper to invest a bit of money every year rather than rebuilding the entire structure because proper repairs were not done.

Specialized Chimney Services’ professionals are your Ottawa certified technicians that you can trust in masonry work.